We support our schools so they can focus on the education of their students.

Together, We Help Schools Hire Qualified, Certified Staff

Our belief that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for schools gives administrators, teachers and support staff the opportunity to find the best fit for their professional lives. Whether you enjoy a small school, a big school, a rural school, an urban school, elementary or high school, you’ve got lots of options to explore at CS Partners.

Our team is innovative, energetic and focused on ensuring that every student has an opportunity for growth and success. We’re always looking for more dynamic and dedicated individuals to join our team!

All school staff are hired through CS Partners affiliate, Partner Solutions. Partner Solutions is an independent contractor with a focus on providing excellent personnel management and employee administration services to schools.

If you’re interested in being a substitute teacher send an email to

MPSERS notice: Any retiree of MPSERS with a retirement effective date on or after July 1, 2010, who performs a core service in a Michigan public school through a third party forfeits his or her public school pension and health care benefit subsidy for the duration of the core service. It is the responsibility of the candidate to understand the rules regarding his or her pension if they return to work after retirement. For additional information regarding the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System visit

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