Schools Celebrate Reading in March

April 10, 2019
Reading is essential to a student’s success. Not only is reading fundamental to a student’s development, it improves their communication skills, provides them with new knowledge and gives them a wonderful way to work their imaginations. March is known as reading month and our schools took every opportunity to showcase both the importance of reading and the fun that could be had with books!

Many of our schools invited special guests in to read to classrooms throughout the month. Guests included parents, alumni, government officials, local law enforcement and firefighters, and local authors and news reporters. Some guests came just to listen too!

Photo from @AMADistrict: Carolyn Clifford from Channel 7 News

Photo from @AMADistrict: Ron Franklin from the Detroit Police Department

Photo from @KingsburyCountryDaySchool: Representative John Reilly

Photo from @Pansophia-Academy: Local author Laura Loveberry

Photo from @HuronAcademy: Reading to Katani

Schools also got their buildings into it by dressing up their classroom doors and bulletin boards.

Photo from @AMADistrict: Door Decorating Contest

Photo from @HuronAcademy: Bulletin Board Decorating

Photo from @CSADistrict: Door Decorations

Who doesn’t love to “dress like a book character”?

Photo from @GBAAllStars: Dressing up for family literacy event

Photo from @HuronAcademy: Dress like a book character day at school

Then there were book fairs and special assemblies.

Photo from @academyofwarren: Book Fair Time

Photo from @CSADistrict: Wild Swan Theater Performance

We loved seeing schools get the whole family involved with special literacy events during lunch and in the evening hours.

Photo from Renaissance Academy: Special Reading Lunch

Photo from @WestonDetroit: Family Lit Expo

Photo from @GBAAllStars: Family Reading Night

Photo from @Pansophia-Academy: Bedtime Stories read on Facebook

What happens when a school issues a reading challenge to their students and the teachers have to pay up when they hit their goals?

Photo from @Pansophia-Academy: Teacher Haircut

Photo from @Pansophia-Academy: Teacher Pie Toss

It’s also great to see students and staff sharing what their favorite books are by voting in contests and sharing video reviews.

Video from @WestonDetroit: Student Book Reviews

Photo from Renaissance Academy: March Madness Tournament of Books

And lastly, we love the camaraderie and seeing the whole school come together for some reading!

Photo from @HuronAcademy: School Read In

Photo from @WestonDetroit: School Read-A-Thon