FlexTech High School – Shepherd

FlexTech High School – Shepherd

Happiness is the right high school.


8th to 12th Grade

FlexTech High School
418 W. Blanchard Rd
Shepherd, MI 48883

FlexTech High School is a 21st-century school that embraces project-based learning because they know understanding and engagement come from meaningful activity. Their goal is to prepare each student for success outside of high school, in career, life and higher education. They recognize that each student learns differently and has different needs, and they work with them individually to create an educational program that meets their unique needs through a variety of different project-based learning examples.

The learning space at FlexTech has been purposefully designed to facilitate collaborative work using state of the art technology to assist students with their coursework. Faculty work space is integrated into student work space so teachers and students can work closely together helping to build strong relationships and offering continual academic support.

Unique Qualities of FlexTech High School:

  • Project Based Learning Curriculum
  • Small Class Sizes with Personalized Attention
  • One-on-one Advisory program
  • Dual Enrollment for College Credit
  • Opportunities to earn credit through work or community resource experiences