School Human Resources

school-human-resourcesWe believe that the CS Partners human resources division. MEP Services has the ability to serve your Board, School Leaders, and staff, with our expertise in all areas of Human Resources. If you let us focus on your staff, your staff will be able to focus on the mission of your school and serve your students. We make our communication with staff clear, our management of your school administration personal, and our attention to legislation and personnel laws next to none.

Through staff planning, recruitment, legal expertise, customized benefit plans, payroll, liability ownership, personnel auditing, and orientation services – we are taking care of your most valuable resources, your staff.

Our charter school human resource management services are managed through our affiliate MEP Services. MEP Services was created as an independent contractor for Human Resource Management, in 2004. This allows MEP Services to serve as the employer of record for all school employees, and allows each school to customize their benefit package, policies, and procedures as it wishes.

Visit their website to learn more about the unique options they have to offer.