Management Services

Our comprehensive school management services include fiscal support, human resources, curriculum and instruction, compliance, board support, facilities and food service, marketing and more.

CS Partners works with the Academy’s Board and school leadership to clarify the mission of the school, match appropriate charter school management methods and structures to the mission, train staff to use those methods, create the administrative procedures and plans to implement the structure and facilitate the achievement of the school’s goals. Educational leadership must be matched with open business and personnel management practices. Providing business management and financial services to a public entity requires ESPs to meet a high level of public scrutiny. CS Partners is committed to developing clear contracts and relationships between our business and the school’s Board and the school’s authorizer.

The same values are evidenced in our work with the school employees. Open direct employment arrangements, as well as a commitment to professional development will result in highly qualified staff in every position. CS Partners is not a “turnkey” ESP. We do not take the lead and make you comply with our plans. We are a charter school management service company that will support the school board in its mission and vision. That leader works with us to create the vision of the school that will fulfill the mission selected by the school founders and the board. Transparency is at the core of our mission, so we always welcome feedback and input from the board members for the schools in which we serve.

CS Partners specializes in customized charter school management. Our size and expertise enables us to offer specialized services customized to your specific needs.