FlexTech High School – Novi

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Serving grades 9-12

24245 Karim Blvd
Novi, MI 48375
Phone # 248-426-8530

Oakland FlexTech Academy is a 9th – 12th grade alternative high school located in Novi, MI. The school utilizes an innovative educational model to create an environment of success for high school students who have previously experienced challenges in their education.  Through a comprehensive intake system, students’ course of study is highly personalized and goal oriented.  A strong Advisory program focuses on developing positive relationships with students and working collaboratively to overcome past obstacles to success.  Course content will be highly engaging and relevant delivered primarily through project-based learning supplemented with classroom instruction, remediation, and online learning.

Oakland FlexTech Academy subscribes to the small learning communities (SLC) approach to learning where a more personalized environment is created so students can work closely with each other on projects in small groups, but can also have independent learning time in quiet areas of the building that have been created for this purpose.  The learning space at Oakland FlexTech Academy has been purposefully designed to facilitate collaborative work using state of the art technology to assist students with their coursework. Faculty work space is integrated into student work space so teachers and students can work closely together helping to build strong relationships and offering continual academic support.

In addition, through close adult guidance FlexTech students will explore post-secondary options and make a plan for their life after high school that connects what they are doing right now (their education) with their future plans so they no longer feel that high school is disconnected from their lives.

Unique Qualities of Oakland FlexTech

  • Oakland FlexTech Academy offers students another option for pursuing a high school diploma outside the traditional educational model.
  •  OFTA offers students flexible scheduling, self-paced, computer-based classes; project-based learning and a strong mentoring program based in a technology rich environment.
  • Identify students at high risk of dropping out.
  • Assign adult advocates.
  • Provide academic support and enrichment to improve performance.
  • Implement programs to improve students’ classroom behavior and social skills.
  • Personalize the learning environment and instructional process.
  • Provide rigorous and relevant instruction to better engage and serve future needs.
  • The learning is based on Post-Secondary Success, Instructional Strategies, Online Learning, Project Based Learning, Advisory Program, Student/Teacher Relationships