Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy

Serving grades K-5

1070 Hampton
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 465-5545

Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy and its philosophy are inspired by the educational thought of Dr. Maria Montessori; teaching models for the classrooms and the developmental learning materials were created by her. The Academy continues her work in developmental psychology and education.

The child in the process of fundamental development has unlimited possibilities and the future rests on our ability cultivate this potential throughout the Montessori learning process.

  • We believe that the learning process is governed by basic human tendencies or needs
  • The need to communicate, to use language
  • The tendency for order, the demand to organize, classify and interpret reality
  • The need for independence, the impulse to act personally on and in reality
  • The need for social relationships
  • The need to experience reality through imagination


Unique Qualities of Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy

  • Our students are our #1 priority. We listen to their needs, then teach Montessori teaching techniques to help them to achieve them.
  • Mt. Clemens Montessori is dedicated to offering students the highest quality primary level education through a program which cultivates the child’s own natural desire to learn.
  • We are committed to consistency and continuity which are the most important element in a child’s growth and development.
  • We are dedicated to the extraordinary personal and academic advancement of our students.
  • Mt. Clemens Montessori is dedicated to holding its staff and students to a higher standard.