Michigan Charter Schools

CS Partners provides full management services to many charter schools throughout lower Michigan. If you are interested in enrolling your child or children in a CS Partners school you can contact the school directly using the links to the left.

What are Charter Schools?

Charter schools are independent public schools that are open to all students, regardless of income, gender, race or religion. Charter schools extend the privilege of choice to all families. They provide options for parents and students in pursuing their ideal educational experience. They are open to all children free of charge who are eligible to attend traditional public schools in the state of Michigan. Charter schools are governed by a local Board of Directors and are required to meet and often exceed the standards of its Authorizer and the State Board of Education



Unique Characteristics of Charter Schools

  • Because they are a public school there is no tuition to attend a charter school.
  • Charter schools are governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Academy‚Äôs Authorizer.
  • There are approximately 300 charter schools in the state of Michigan, with over 100,000 students in attendance.
  • Universities, community colleges, intermediate school districts and local school districts can authorize a charter school in Michigan.
  • Any student eligible to attend public schools in Michigan is eligible to enroll at a charter school Academy.