Executive Leadership

Chuck Stockwell, Founder, Senior Executive Consultant and Thought Leader.  Chuck is the founder of Charyl Stockwell Academy, a high performing Michigan Public School Academy.  With the help of former staff from the school, Chuck Stockwell also founded CS Partners and continues to serve as the company’s senior advisor. CS Partners is an educational consulting and management company that works with over 30 public charter schools in Michigan.  Mr. Stockwell began working in Michigan Public Charter Schools in 1995, and was a 2003 winner of the Michigan Association of Public School Academies Leadership award. In addition to his work in charter schools, Chuck has twenty five years experience in traditional public education as a teacher, ISD program developer and consultant, central office administrator, community college trustee, and elementary school principal. He also has experience in facilities development and construction, as well as school strategic planning including marketing and mission/vision development.  He is an expert in early childhood development, elementary education, and special education.

Maria Dockins, President and CFO

Maria Dockins, CEO and CFO, has worked as a business administrator for over 20 years, and has served Michigan Charter Schools for the last 18 years. She has a BA from Michigan State University, and as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer for CS Partners and MEP Services she oversees all operations for the company.   Ms.  Dockins partners closely with school boards and leadership on strategic planning for the schools which CS Partners manages.   She works with the schools to develop operational budgets and project long term needs of the academy.   As the CFO, Maria oversees large development projects including new facilities, expansion and/or renovation of current facilities along with coordination of financing. As the CEO of the company Maria is the driver for all new business development.   Whether it is the development of a new school, or transitioning an existing charter school that is looking for new management, Maria’s experience working with over 30 schools in a variety of capacities helps her to respect the individual needs of each school.   Ms. Dockins has over 18 years’ experience working with MDE, MDT, multiple authorizers, federal grant programs, food service programming and much more. She prides herself in being a service minded individual who works to meet the needs of the client.

Mary Kay Shields, Senior Vice President of OperationsMary Kay Shields, President, joined CS Partners in September 2013. She oversees all operations and works directly with the School Performance Team, Compliance/Facilities, Accounting and Budget departments and MEP Services. Driven by a passionate belief that all children deserve a quality education, Mary Kay began her career as a special education teacher. From the classroom, she worked on school finance and policy reform through her service with the House Fiscal then Senate Fiscal Agencies in the Michigan Legislature. Ms. Shields was a pioneer in the charter school movement working with Governor John Engler during the establishment of charter schools in Michigan, and most recently was the Chief Deputy Director at the Central Michigan University – John Engler Center for Charter Schools.