About Us

CS Partners, an Educational Service Provider since 1996

Entrance sign BWCS Partners is a company composed of experienced educational service providers. We are a hands on, service oriented company made up of educators with over 200 combined years of experience in public schools, who have been working for charter schools in Michigan from the beginning! The CS Partners staff has been intimately involved with the formation and ongoing operation of Charyl Stockwell Academy in Hartland and Brighton, FlexTech High School in Brighton, Crescent Academy  in Southfield and fourteen other charter schools. Since their inception, these schools have consistently maintained rising enrollment, balanced budgets and boast effective school reform programs.

Our focus is educational reform. We have created the 7 Indicators of Excellence which guide our work with our schools, our evaluation of school leaders and the board of director’s evaluation of our services. A successful school focuses on the whole child to address the student’s intellectual, social, emotional, developmental and physical needs. In addition, the operational aspects of a school must also focus on meeting the needs of all students.

We believe that educational service providers should be led by professionals with experience in multiple forms of education and operations. We also believe that a particular school reform or school model is not as important as professional leadership and the use of research-tested methods and structures. We believe that professional educators know how to be successful in teaching children, but they need to escape the oppressive bureaucracy of the traditional system. With that in mind we have created the School Performance Team to assist our school leaders in every aspect of school operations from curriculum, assessment, school climate and culture, special education, leadership development and support, compliance, facilities, marketing, fiscal services, human resources and more. Educators in charter schools need a clear mission, a strategy to implement that mission, the freedom to work, and the time needed to focus on students, teachers and parents. It’s our job as educational service providers to help them every step of the way.

We are a results-driven management firm, made up of highly regarded educators from the traditional and charter school systems. Our size and our location allow us the flexibility to be responsive and hands-on.